Wooparoo Mountain

Wooparoo Mountain 1.5.2

Wooparoos are here, and it's time to party!

Wooparoos are here, and it's time to party!

Dive into the wonderland of Wooparoo Mt, the magical home of the mysterious Wooparoos. You don't know what Wooparoo are? Well, why don't we go on an adventure to find out! Build up your village and summon new and wacky creatures by fusing the elemental powers of over 80 different Wooparoos with over 20,000 different ways to combine! That means there are over 20,000 bundles of joys waiting for you! Roopa, Fori, and the rest of the Wooparoos need a caretaker to build their village and to play fun games. Invite your friends to share in the joy and wonder as you summon up cute and crazy critters called Wooparoo!

- Wooparoos: unique creatures you have never seen before!

What are Wooparoos? What do they do? Discover the story behind the mythical Wooparoos by completing quests and summoning the cute beings on Wooparoo Mountain.

- World of Endless Possibilities

Explore the uncharted corners of Wooparoo Mountain by expanding your village to build farms, temples, and decorations.

- One Wooparoo here, another Wooparoo there, Wooparoos everywhere!

Call new and legendary Wooparoos into the world using the powers of over 80 different Wooparoos with over 20,000 different combinations!

- Share the adventure with friends and family on Wooparoo Mountain.

Play together with friends, visit their villages, and give them gifts!

  • Free to play!
  • Use over 20,000 element combinations to summon and collect all of the Wooparoos!
  • High quality and distinct animations – every Wooparoo has its own unique personality!
  • Expand your territory and use beautiful decorations to personalize your village!
  • Connect with Facebook to play with your friends and visit their villages to chat and help them out with boosters, special seeds, and even gems!
  • Visit the Woopagrove to collect treasure - bring your friends to gather even more goodies!
  • NOTE: Wooparoo Mountain requires an internet connection to play (3G or WiFi). PLEASE NOTE: Wooparoo Mountain is completely free to play; however, some in-game items can be purchased using real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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    Wooparoo Mountain


    Wooparoo Mountain 1.5.2

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